Branding for events includes event logo, type treatment, visual identity all incorporated into posters, web banners, signs and other marketing materials. (click to enlarge)

Above: For this series promoting a pop-up art show, I used patterns, vector illustrations, challenging typography, contrast and hierarchy to engage and excite the public.

Above: Affectionately called The Self[ie] Show, this event gave a new, thoughtful perspective on an oft-dismissed art form, and featured self-portraits in various media, from photography and drawing to film and sculpture.

Above: Event design commissioned by Eli Blasko. Sculptor Eli Blasko created a show in collaboration with the Humane Society. He made a wide variety of cat houses, curated an entire gallery show of cat-related art, borrowed cats in need of a home, combined all these in a massively furry event and invited the public. My design for the event is playful and silly, with just the slightest touch of sardonic nihilism ( I was reading Infinite Jest at the time).

Above: A new play festival! Playwright and actor Lauren Ferebee created this incredible week-long event, exposing small town Spartanburg, SC to new theatre each night. New York City playwrights provided never-before-performed scripts for these nightly readings. The poster is bold and edgy to capture the avant garde sense of the project. 

Above: The HUB-BUB posters. These are all (apart from that one invitation) event posters created for various events at the non-profit where I began interning and became staff.